Monthly Archives: March 2011

Both of these are unfinished….and both are for people who have birthdays in April.  Maybe I should finish them, since tomorrow is April first.

Now I have a bar poster to work on, another pillowcase dress, finish the organza flowers, finish the bed bench…..AI thought listing things might help!


Random Pictures











feeling very blah and not creative at all this week.  Need to get out and go shopping for DH’s birthday and don’t even want to do that.  We need some warm weather and a little less mud around here.

I am not going to write anything right now because I am too tired. But what could I put on the yellow area for a stencil? Still thinking rubber boots!

– JResch

A Mish-mash of everything.

It isn’t fair!  It is past the first day of Spring and it has been snowing since last night.  We have at least 6 inches out there…..Make it stop!


I added 3 pics, one is JResch’s green bag with a crow…..Fabulous!

One is the horrid snow pic and the other is burnt organza flowers for a nieces bachlorette party.  Now to see if they will all actually come up when I check.

Stencil fun

I am working on a stencil of Lewis Black to turn out like this one of Eddie Izzard. Going to an LB show on April 1 and want to make T shirts for all of us to wear. It is going to be fun!

– JResch

adorable cloche hat!!

I made the infant size of this hat today….it is so sweet!  I also bought white cotton yarn for another one and I wish there was more of a selection of colors….but sometimes Walmart is as far as I get to go.  Maybe tommorrow as we do a whirlwind tour of southern Minnesota…….Mankato to Winona and then home.  At least I can do the crocheting in the car.  Right now I am off the computer, so I can make sweet potato fries…yum!

The picture is not mine, but from aestheticnest site mentioned above.